NoteBandit Sound Reflectors

from: Morgan Music Products (Sound Products Division)


NoteBandit Sound Reflectors can be mounted on, or next to, almost any microphone by using one of our 4 unique MOUNTING SYSTEMS.
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What is the NoteBandit ?

  • The NoteBandit is a small, thin sheet of plastic designed to mount on your microphone or microphone stand, depending on the model you choose. Its purpose is to reflect your instrument's sound back to your ears.

  • Also, models are available that are better suited for blocking (isolating) sound, which is frequently necessary in small clubs, in churches, on cruise ships, etc.


Why should you use the NoteBandit ?

  • It helps you hear your own instrument in spite of:

    • Excessive band volume

    • Poor acoustics

    • Inadequate floor monitors

  • So that you may have:

    • Better intonation

    • Better attacks and releases

    • Better endurance

    • Less mental fatigue

  • Plus!!

    • It reflects sound with surprising volume

    • No wires or amps are needed

    • The plastic is extremely durable

    • The plastic is clear and practically invisible to the audience

    • It mounts on the microphone or microphone stand, so no weight is added to your instrument


Where can you use the NoteBandit ?

  • The NoteBandit sound reflector is the personal monitor that can be used at almost any venue; such as: night clubs, outdoor stages, theatres, orchestra pits, "Las Vegas" style showrooms, churches, TV sound stages, and even on the marching field (for marching bands and drum & bugle corps that use microphones for their soloists).